5 Ways Dubsado Helps Me Organize My Business

Minimize frustrations and eliminate some of the busy. Stop wasting time and energy in your business. Your business needs Dubsado now. Keep reading to find out why!

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My name is LaWann and I believe that systems and automation are everything in business.

Being a mom, business owner, podcast host, business owner, and all the other things, life can truly get hectic. There was a time when I first started my business that I did everything manually! Can you relate to this? All the emails, communications, forms, contracts, proposals, etc, I was driving myself crazy trying to remember all of this. 

Then one day, I discovered Dubsado and my life changed forever! Dubsado is the ecosystem that helps me keep my business operations running smoothly. From my podcast to my coaching clients, the workflows and automation in Dubsado allow me to communicate with my clients, send communications, documents, and invoices without being so hands-on.

Truth be told, Dubsado is the next best thing to having an assistant in your business and here’s why.

Dubsado is a customer relationship management system (or CRM) that helps you easily keep capture your leads, clients, schedule appointments, sign contracts and send invoices. The best thing is, it is all done from one platform. It is an ecosystem that works on your behalf and helps make business easy.

  • Lead Capture and Intake
  • Workflows and automation
  • Streamlining & Organization
  • Podcast guest booking and communications
  • Client management
  • Contracts and forms
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Sending invoices
  • Accounting and reporting

Dubsado definitely keeps me organized. This is really my one-stop-shop for the majority of my business processes. With all of my workflows set up, client management is a simple as pushing a button. Plus,  I love that Dubsado is customizable so my brand remains consistent and cohesive. If you are looking to stop wasting so much time on the details of your business and are ready to get your automation and workflows in order, then I definitely recommend Dubsado.

1.Lead Capture 

Dubsado makes it easy to capture your leads. You can create a form right in Dubsado and embed the form on your website to directly capture your leads. Or if you prefer you can use the link to the form to provide to potential clients thus making capturing leads easy. The best part is when you use Dubsado to capture leads everything goes back into one system and with the click of a few buttons, you can get your client into your funnel or workflow and start doing business right away.

2. Workflows

Workflows are everything in business. Who wants to remember to go in and send a contract, an email, or an invoice. By taking the time to set up a workflow, once a client is in your system and attached to a workflow, Dubsado does all the work for you. Of course, this takes some time and set up on the backend, but once you have all the pieces in place business will definitely flow smoothly. 

Dubsado has made my podcast guest booking process so easy. From the first touchpoint to the last touchpoint. I have been able to automate my podcast guest process and take the frustrations out of booking and communicating with podcast guests.  Do you want to know how I do this with Dubsado? I have packaged together my podcast guest booking process in a guide called “Podcast Guest Booking Made Easy“. In this guide, you receive my guest booking process, a checklist to make sure your workflow is set up accordingly, all of my emails and forms that you can customize and use for your own business. Are you ready to take the frustrations out of booking guests for your podcasts or other media? Get the “Podcast Guest Booking Made Easy Guide” today!

3. Scheduler

Now I love Acuity and Calendly, but I could not resist the Dubsado scheduler.  With the Dubsado scheduler, your clients can automatically be put into your workflow. There is no delay in beginning to work together. While there is room for improvement in some of the scheduler operations, having everything in one place is definitely worth it. You can attach your scheduler to your workflow and a client books an appointment, your workflow is triggered. This eliminates the step of having to go in and manually put your client in your CRM in order to trigger communications.

4. Canned emails and communications

Speaking of communications, the canned emails and forms sections of Dubsado are the bomb.com. Do you send the same emails to your clients over and over again? I know I do. When I found myself sending confirmation emails, information and next step emails, reminder emails over and over again, I knew I needed a system to do this for me. Dubsado allows you to set up all of your emails and communications, attach them to a workflow and get to business. No need to manually remind a client about an appointment or to pay an invoice, Dubsado has you covered. 

5. Invoicing and getting paid

No one wants to miss any money. Dubsado’s invoices will get you paid expeditiously. You can set up flat rate invoices, payment plans even offer discount codes, and more. Dubsado will send your invoice to clients and also remind them to pay you. With the click of a button, your client can pay you directly through Dubsado. I don’t know about you, but I love not having to worry about if a client receives an invoice and communication to pay. 

Best of all, all documents, forms, and invoices are housed in a client portal so your client can access their information at any time. I don’t know about you but I love making clients’ life and my business life as easy as possible.  

Do you have an automated system that you use in business? No. 

Well, I encourage you to hop on the Dubsado bandwagon today. Get 20% off your first month or year when use my special code “lawann”. 

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