Parenting During a Pandemic: How To Overcome Mom Guilt (REWIND Part 2) | Ep. 74

Mom guilt is a nuisance! During this pandemic, it is impacting moms more and more. We are trying to be everywhere and od everything and are often hard on ourselves when we fall short. 

We set unrealistic expectations and goals for ourselves and are hard on ourselves when we fail to meet them. 

Show Notes

In this episode rewind, we are hearing from more mom experts on how they overcome mom guilt. 

Today’s guests include:

  • Ellie Redcloud
  • Niesha Walker
  • Bridget Bray
  • Ahuva Hershkop
  • Danielle Harris Davis
  • Virginia Elder
  • Krystal Clark
  • Margie Almiron
  • Erica Lasan
  • Kayla Butler (The Ivory Mix)
  • Ariel Simmons
  • Kristine Srigley

I am also giving a recap of the best tips from this series. Moms we don’t have to suffer from mom guilt anymore. Today is the day to reclaim your life and your time. No more mom guilt or mom-shaming. 

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