Moms, It’s Okay to Not be Okay Right Now | Ep. 73

I recently read a quote that said “Don’t compare yourself to other mothers, we are all losing out sh*t, some just hide it better than others”.  Matter fact I posted this quote on my Instagram not too long ago. 

Show Notes

It has been a year! This past week I struggled so much to the point I was ready to throw my hands up and quit. 

I have really felt like I was losing my sh*t. Life was coming at me fast and it was one thing after another. I just didn’t feel like I could catch a break. The overwhelm was getting to me and I wanted to run away and hide. 


However this time, I decided to stop hiding, stop covering things up and own this mess. I decided to confront my issues head-on and decide to get through it all.   

I said words I’ve never said before: “I quit”. Time out for pretending and trying to figure it out, I just couldn’t do it so I quit. 

Listen to hear the trials I was facing and my best advice for what to do when you feel like you are losing your sh*t.

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