Why Self-Care is So Empowering | Ep.79

Self-care is an empowering experience, but what exactly does empowering yourself through self-care means? In today’s episode, I get real and transparent about what it means to empower yourself through self-care. 

Show Notes

When many of people think of self-care, they think of bubble baths and facials, but in this episode, I go deeper and dive into the internal process of self-care and what it truly means to take care of yourself.

I share:

  • why empowerment starts with you
  • the difference between the external and internal self-care process
  • the steps you must do to empower yourself through self-care
  • why you say the “F” word to some things in order to move forward

Listen to this episode now to hear why it is important to empower and encourage yourself in order to keep moving forward and make progress in life.

** Please excuse the background noise. This is one of the episodes I recorded while on the go. I do this often when I have a message pop into my head and I have to get it out right then in there. You can’t always wait for the perfect set-up because sometimes you will miss the message you are meant to give. **

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