Level Up: Why Everyone Can’t Go with You to the Next Level w/ Ameka Coleman (REWIND) | Ep.78

Sometimes we have to unlearn a behavior, change our way of thinking, and dig deeper into the things we thought we knew in order to make it to our next level. Ameka Coleman knows firsthand what it is like to switch up and do things differently so that you can reach your success. 

Show Notes

Today Ameka gets transparent with us about her life journey including her faith walk which led her to start her business, Strands of Faith, a hair and beauty brand. 

In this episode, we learn:

  • How important it is to develop a new level of thinking on your journey to success
  • How experience is often life’s greatest teacher
  • How Ameka used her faith as her guide to building her natural hair and beauty business
  • How important it is to prioritize your time in order to keep your sanity
  • How you must fill your cup and practice self-care before you can take care of anyone else

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