Why Social Media Makes Moms Feel So Bad | Ep. 7

Let’s talk about the root of mom guilt. Does anyone know when mom guilt began? How long have moms suffered with this thing called guilt?

Episode 7

Show Notes

In this episode, we learn:
1. The relationship between mom guilt and social media
2. Why the comparison trap is a scary place to be 
3. How the reflection of perfection impacts us and how we shouldn’t label things as “goals”
4. The importance of “Love” in all we do.
5. Mom guilt is a lie and we are all great in all we do

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Episode 7 Transcript

LaWann Moses 

Welcome back. Today we’re addressing the root of mom guilt. We’re looking at where’s this thing called mom guilt come from, and why so many of us seem to be impacted by it. Mom guilt is not a new thing. It’s something that has been in existence for a very long time. dating back to probably the first mother. There’s someone that felt mom guilt They just didn’t know what it was called. In a previous episode, we talked about what is mom guilt and how mom guilt are the lies that we tell ourselves, the things that we believe the ways that we believe that we are failing our children and not doing a great job as moms.

Today, we’re looking at the root of mom guilt, and where it comes from.

Mom guilt is not anything new. It’s been around for a very long time. But to me, it seems more prevalent these days. And I think it’s because we live in the age of social media. In this age of social media, everyone puts their best photos, their best images, their best moments on their favorite social media site for everyone to like, share and follow. So we have Moms all around the world on these platforms that are looking at other mothers and seeing how they’re winning at this thing called motherhood. They see the beautiful photos, the smiling children, the perfectly placed objects. And meanwhile, in the back of our mind, we’re thinking, Why can’t my photos look like that? Why don’t my children act like that? How does this mom do it? But I challenge you today to think about what happens outside of that photo. How many times did it take for that mom to get that singularly perfect shot?

How long did it take her to get her kids to sit still? How is everyone acting before that mobile was captured in a picture or video? You see, those are the things that we don’t see. Not many people share the Hard times of motherhood, the difficult times of motherhood, the times when the kids cry, the time when the times where moms cry. All we see are these beautifully, perfectly placed photos.

And in my opinion, that is contributed to this thing called molecule. Because we’re all out here, trying to compare ourselves to the next mom. And let me tell you, not just in motherhood, but in life in general. That comparison trap is dangerous. That comparison trap will have you doubting yourself and doubting all of your capabilities, and everything about you. Don’t get stuck in that comparison trap. 

When people post photos when you see images when you see videos, all you’re getting is a reflection and I call That the reflection of perfection, you getting a married glimpse into their life would you don’t know what’s happening outside of that photo, you don’t know what’s happening in their household. You don’t know what the other rooms in their house look like. Besides that one that has the seemingly perfect objects and the color scheme and the smiling, happy kids and everything just looks so wonderful. You don’t know what’s going on outside of that photo. So stop comparing yourself to the things you see on social media, stop labeling things as goals. Stop analyzing those that you follow and realize that everyone is human. Everyone has a story. And no one is perfect.

Mom guilt comes into play. When instead of looking at our own cells, and patting ourselves on the back for the great things that we do as mothers, we look at What other moms are doing? And we’re like, oh, why can’t I do that with my kids? Why can’t my kids act like that? Oh, I would love to give X, Y and Z to my kids.

But think about all that you do, give them all that you do for them. And honestly reflect that. Motherhood is not about what you can give your kids. There are plenty of mothers, plenty of parents out here that are giving their kids the world. They’re buying them the top of the line things. They have all the objects. They’re just constantly purchasing, buying, buying, filling up their house with objects and things and things and things. But let me tell you, kids don’t want things. Think about yourself as a human. Someone can give you everything. They can give you the best car, the best phone, the best iPad, the best house, the best jewelry, but if you’re not getting Pure and simple love what you almost objects me? What do all those things mean?

Instead of trying to buy someone and fill their life with meaningless objects, get to the root of love. Look at the love that you gave your kids. Look at the love that you gave those around you and look at the love that you give to yourself. It’s easy to be envious of objects. It’s easy to be envious of things. And that’s where we allow that module to creep in. But if we get to the core if we get to the root, if we get to the bottom, it all comes down to love. And if you are loving yourself if you are loving your kids, then you are doing a pretty great job as a mom. None of that other stuff matters. all that other stuff will be forgotten it will break it will not live forever. But love will last for a lifetime. saw those days when mom guilt creeps in on those days where you are scrolling through your social media, finding yourself being envious of someone else.

Think about the love that you have around you, and the things that you have going on in your life.

Because I can look perfect on the ground all day long.

But when I sign off that social media when I close up my phone, when I stop taking pictures, if I’m sitting in a dark, empty room, although that what does that mean? Again, you don’t know what’s on the other side of that picture. You don’t know what’s on the other side of that image. So instead of comparing yourself to others, labeling others as goals, think about what you had in your life and how you can do your best to be a great mom.

The mom guilt is a lie. It’s a trap. And it’s just something that was created to have us doubt ourselves. So I encourage you today to go out and do everything in love. We’re kicking mom guilt to the curb. We’re conquering mom guilt. We’re getting to the root of mom guilt. And we’re hoping to eliminate mom guilt once and for all. Go out today. and conquer in love.

Until next time, remember, you’re a great person. You’re a great woman. You’re a great mom, and you’ve got this. Thanks so much for listening. If you enjoyed this episode, head over to LaWann moses.com. I love for us to stay in touch. Make sure you leave your email address. So I can send you inspiration tips and the latest updates. Or if you prefer, text the word more. That’s m o r e 23024404632. We have some great things coming up and I don’t want you to miss a thing. Thanks again,make sure you subscribe and leave a review. Until next time, keep pressing because victory is yours.

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