How to Overcome Unexpected Challenges in Life w/ Marteekah | Ep. 14

More Than A Mother introduces “More To Her Story”. Highlighting the life journeys of moms who are winning in life and motherhood.

Episode 14

Show Notes

Today’s guest, Marteekah, shares with us her journey from teen mom to plus-size beauty enthusiast.

What we learn in this episode: 

  • What happens when life throws you obstacles, when your best laid plans
  • How she rose above statistics to achieve her goals
  • How she navigates mom guilt
  • The importance of “me time”

Mentioned in this episode:
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About Marteekah
After spending over twenty years functioning in retail sales for Fortune 500 companies and
later becoming an educator servicing public schools in New York City, Marteekah found
herself in a conundrum. While helping customers express their inner selves with their styling choices and teaching children in her community was gratifying it was not fulfilling. She took to social media to promote body positivity and show women that they could look good at any size on any budget utilizing the styling and makeup skills she had been honing independently. By virtue of sheer will and the help of a savvy and God-fearing business coach, she is now serving a community of women who have been left unseen for far too long.
As founder and CEO of 1981 Productions, LLC, Marteekah specializes in customized training, content and development of fashion and beauty desires for the everyday woman. With her “keep it real” attitude and practicality she teaches to embrace and represent inner beauty with simple and attainable skills. From plus-size women to women of color, Marteekah affords vision for underrepresented factions offering a sense of belonging and representation that has evaded the beauty industry until now. Her content helps develop the knowledge and confidence of even the most novice makeup admirers, helping them build looks that they love.
Contributing edgy and thought provoking content for several media outlets, Marteekah has
garnered the interest of leading fashion and beauty brands such as Lane Bryant, Shea Moisture & DSW as well as renowned makeup artists such as Pat McGrath.
She has been featured in campaigns for indie brands such as Sovereign Luxe & Curves with Purpose.
Marteekah is also the host of a freshly launched podcast about love and makeup. Releasing bi-weekly episodes where she takes up the complexities of relationships while discussing the latest in beauty trends.


You can connect with Marteekah on Instagram or her website. Also check out her podcast- Love & Makeup by Marteekah.

Show Transcript

LaWann Moses 0:00
We’re back for season two of the more than a mother podcast. I’m so glad that you are joining me again this season. As promised coming up this season, we’re going to have some great mom bosses that are just going to drop some gems and share their knowledge with us. After spending over 20 years working in the retail industry and educating public school children martica wanted to help women feel as valuable outside as they felt inside. By virtue of sheer will and the help of a savvy and God fearing business coach. She is now serving a community of women who have been left unseen for far too long, taking to social media to promote body positivity, showing women that they could look good at any size and on any budget. Utilizing her styling expertise and her makeup skills home throughout the years. She teaches to embrace and represent inner beauty through practical and attainable skills. Understanding that not everyone is a beauty expert to utilize Is her content to develop the knowledge and confidence is even the most novice makeup admirers, helping them build looks that they love. Today I’m talking with Mark Tika about how she overcame her obstacles so that she could build her legacy for her children and family.Let’s take a listen.

Marteekah 1:20
And my thing was also like, I didn’t want to be a statistic. That was like a big thing for me when I was 16. It was, you know, my driving force back then was, I’m 16 years old, you know, I have a baby. So everyone expects, okay, she’s going to be a welfare mom, she’s going to take care of the system, you know, and they said, she’s gonna take like, advantage of the system. And while I did utilize the system, I also use the system to get further in life, you know, I got a degree, you know, while I was on the system, you know, I was able to give back to society. So, and I worked at the same time, you know, like I was doing all three and I was being a mom. You know what I had the best mom. I’m not sure what I was doing what I could.

LaWann Moses 2:09
Hey mamas. Welcome to the more than a mother Podcast, where we believe you can pursue your dreams and be a great mother at the same time. I am your host LaWann Moses, and I am helping you find the freedom to live. Are you ready? Let’s go.

Hello and welcome to the More Than a Mother show. This is your host LaWann Moses and today I have a special guest for you. She is here to share her story with us and just let us know all the great things that she has going on. So today I’m going to introduce you to someone that I met a few months ago in this great group membership that we are involved in and her name is Marteekah Hi.

Hey, how you doing?

Marteekah 3:04
Good. How are you?

LaWann Moses 3:05
Welcome to our show. Thank you so much that you got to join me today.

Marteekah 3:11
Yay. Thank you so much for having me.

LaWann Moses 3:13
Hey. So before we get started, I just want to give you a moment to go ahead and introduce yourself to the more than a mother audience.

Marteekah 3:22
All right, well, my name is Marteekah. As you mentioned, I am a plus size beauty enthusiast. And what that basically means is I’ll have I have in Instagram or social media following which talks to or lends to people of the plus size variety. And that talks about the beauty industry as well. So I promote body positivity, and I promote self awareness and just overall loving yourself. And if that means that you have to beat your face to the nines, then that’s what you do. So yeah, I am All about beating the face? Yes. Yes.

LaWann Moses 4:06
So before we get into all you do with the beauty industry and blank being a plus sized beauty enthusiasts, I want to talk about your story. Because as you know, just from how we talked, I am a firm believer in storytelling. I believe that we all empower others as we tell our stories. And it’s so easy to be deceived in these days of Instagram and social media to where everyone just play our best pictures and things of that nature. Like I get to the person that’s behind the pictures behind the stories and just share our authentic, realize whatever we’re comfortable sharing with others in hopes to empower them that I may be at this point right now in my life, but it wasn’t always like that. Right? So if you wouldn’t mind sharing with our audience, what is that defining moment in your life or that aha moment that led you on the path That you’re on today?

Marteekah 5:02
Wow. Okay, so recently, this is actually kind of funny because recently I worked for city schools. And I was a substitute teacher. And I believed that I was going to probably be a teacher for the rest of my life, right? I was on the path to getting certified. But for the moment, I was like just doing substituting and I decided to have my second baby which we’ll go through that I’m sure at some point. So it was very like flexible. The idea that I can do substitute teaching and like take care of my child and come September. There’s like a policy right? In the school that if you substitute for 40, more than 40 days, you have to have certain like to have certain credentials in order to continue to teach. But I had just worked 42 days. So long story short, If I didn’t have the credentials to continue to teach, so September, I’m thinking, Hey, I have a job. I have a principal that’s like, yeah, we’d love for you to teach our pre k class. And you know, it’d be a perfect opportunity for you to continue your education. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. And yeah, the substantial, which is the system that we have here in New York City said, No, you don’t have the credentials to teach anymore, because you need to have X amount of credits. Teaching credits.

Yeah. So I was like, kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place. And I was praying and hoping that the principals would be able to advocate for me. So we had a whole bunch of back and forth with administration, but you know, with all other systems, that they’re very rigid in what you know, they do. So it turns out that I wasn’t able to get the credentials because they’re very expensive. And then I wasn’t able to continue teaching, but that really gave me the opportunity to just decide like that the aha moment for me, I guess was alright, well, if you’re not going to be working for someone else, then that means that you need to be working for yourself, right? You’ve been doing this thing for quite some time in terms of the beauty enthusiasts, but you’ve never really taking it seriously. And you are basically just doing a hobby and you don’t have the time or the resources right now to make this into just a hobby. Right? You need to take it seriously. So yeah, so then that’s kind of when I was like, Alright, this is it. I’m just gonna go all in and then now I think of myself as Marty, aka the beauty enthusiast.

LaWann Moses 7:48
That’s great. So how did you feel during that time? Because I mean, now you get to a point where you have kind of figured it out but when it was right in that moment of Okay, what am I going to do? What is it happening. How did you feel at that moment? Or what was going through your mind?

Marteekah 8:04
Well, I was I first I was pissed. Because you, yeah, you give your time and your energy to other people, right? And when the time comes for them to kind of like show up for you, it wasn’t it wasn’t there, then it’s all of a sudden all the protocols and all the systems kind of fell into place and there was no humanity in it. Oh, you kind of give your all of your time to, you know, these individuals and these corporations. And then when it comes for them to kind of show up for you, it wasn’t available. And so while they did, I will say they did try. I don’t. I just felt like there was like a human human aspect that was missing from that and that someone should have taken into consideration like, Hey, we get it. You know, we don’t pay you guys. enough money to spend 1500 dollars to get, you know, credentials to do this job for part part of the year, we totally get it. But thank you so much for your time.

And yes, we want you to work with us. So, um, but it was also like, Hey, you know, it’s no one’s responsibility to make sure that you have all of your things in order. And it was time to get all of my things in order. So it was really like a kick in the butt. For me, it was like a wake up moment. So I was first pissed and then I was scared. Because, you know, you have no income. You know, you don’t want to fall into this state again, where you have to either go back on welfare or you have to do you know, things of that nature, like if you have to, you have to, but I had kind of gotten to a point where I didn’t have to for years. So now, I’m just like, and again, I wasn’t making enough to I wasn’t kind of making enough to help I have like a solid savings plan, right? And it just kind of hit me from left because I’m thinking, sure, I’m definitely going to have a job in September. And so now, so now, no, I’m scared.

LaWann Moses 10:13
Earlier, you mentioned that you had a second child. And that played a part in everything that was going on during your aha defining moment. Do you care to tell our audience about how having your second child played into everything you had going on?

Marteekah 10:27
Oh, absolutely. So um, if you. So how this is all kind of connected, right, is that I had a, I was a teenage mother. So I had my first child when I was 16 years old. So then comes all the obstacles that come with having a child when you’re a child yourself,

LaWann Moses 10:46
right? I was there too.

Marteekah 10:48
Yes. Really? You know exactly what I’m talking about, which is why I wanted to be on this podcast because I feel like not only you understand, but your audience will understand right? My perspective. Yes. Um, so, but that has such a, and it’s not to say like a negative vibe around it, but it was definitely not the most traditional. So 20 years later, kind of or more like, I think she was 18 when I had my daughter, so 20 years later or 18 years later, I’m like, Hey, you know, I’ve been with my partner for some time. And I think it’s, I think it’s time to like, start a traditional right family, right. So I decided to have my second child which is now two years old. But I also found myself which is really kind of funny that I found myself in kind of the similar situation where now I was sitting at home jobless with a two year old you know, just like I was when I was 16 years old. And I’m like, you know, like you just don’t learn the lesson or you know, this is like some trick or some haha from God like, Hey, you You had it together, girl, you were like, I’m gonna have a baby and it’s all gonna be different now, you know, this is all planned out. And then God was like, no matter how many plans you make correctly, this is kind of the life that I’ve given you, right? So, so my, my thought process was the first time when I had my first child, it was work, work work, and then it was get an education.

That was like my priority. Right? This time around, it was okay. So you may not be work work working like you were going to because I did want to have that at home time with my child. But I needed to if I was going to work, I needed to make sure that I was for the Finally, build something for not only my oldest child, which I feel I always do, but my youngest child, right. I want to build a legacy. Like I want to build something that if for whatever reason, I’m not here Within the next 1015 years that they’re good. So that’s kind of how I look at it like this is you can’t see yourself in the same position again and not find it as a teaching moment like you had your teaching moment. Now it’s time to take that you know what that’s like, you know, you’ve been through hell and you managed to get through it. So if you can do it then at 16, like, Can you imagine what you could do at your age now, you know? So that’s kind of how I looked at it. I was like, that’s it. It’s going to be done. There’s no doubt in my mind that this is going to work for me.

LaWann Moses 13:43
And that’s great because I like you just said when you go through those things, time and time again, I believe that that’s where we learn like our greatest lessons, like experiences like our greatest teacher, and it’s just when you don’t pick up those lessons, then you can try experience the same thing. I mean, it’s great when you can sit back and recognize, okay, it may have been 18 years ago, but I recognize the situation before. So what can I do in this moment so that I have the power over it. And I can learn from this. And building a legacy is definitely very important. I mean, right this day and age that we live in, I just see like more women, more mothers that are just stepping up. And it’s like, that’s inspired this podcast where we’re just more than mothers, we’re more than the roles that people try to buy. And we can build our own legacy and leave a legacy for our kids while being great parents at the same time. So yes, I definitely believe in building a legacy.

Marteekah 14:38
Yes. And my thing was also, like, I didn’t want to be a statistic. That was like a big thing for me when I was 16. It was, you know, my driving force back then was, I’m 16 years old, you know, I have a baby. So everyone expects, okay, she’s going to be a welfare mom. She’s going to take care of the system, you know, and they said she’s going to take like advantage of the system and while I do Utilize the system. I also use the system to get further in life. You know, I got a degree, you know, while I was on the system, you know, I was able to give back to society. So, and I worked at the same time, you know, like I was doing all three and I was being a mom, you know, Was I the best mom, I’m not sure what I was doing what I could write. So I just didn’t want to fall into a statistic. And I don’t want to do it now, you know, because now I’m a millennial. Let’s just say I’m in that strange zone. I was born. Maybe I shouldn’t give. You know what I mean. Like, I know,

LaWann Moses 15:36
we’re in that zone where we don’t identify as millennial because every time it comes out, I’m like, I’m not a millennial. So I’m in that in between millennial, and oh, there’s no way you can tell me that. Someone born in the 80s is the same as someone born in mid 90s. No, I’m not a millennial, so I can definitely relate to that.

Marteekah 15:53

LaWann Moses 15:54
And the whole statistics thing. I mean, that was I even wrote a book. My book is rising. Nobody statistics because that was my thing when I was 18 and had my son right when I graduated high school, it was like a people automatically back then it was that negative connotation around it to where like you said, system welfare, you’re not going to accomplish X, Y and Z. And like, if I walk that path of being, yeah, I’ve relied on the system while I had to but then right in the system, you realize that the system is meant to keep you bound.

Oh, what Yes, and it is such a cycle. And it’s just a shame that so many people fall into that cycle, because they may not have the support. They may not have that circle to where they can elevate and do differently. But that’s one thing I did notice is that that system is there to keep you down. So I mean, just the fact that yes, lesson and you’re talking one of those similar paths of working, going to school taking care of kids, like you said, at being an 18 we may not have been the best parents but look at it, right. Oh, and I mean,

Marteekah 16:58
Exactly. And I mean if When I think when our children look back on this and see what we created with what little we had, you know, they’ll be excuse me, they’ll be proud. You know? I mean, I’m hoping that my daughter tells me now like, I’m proud of you, Mom, like, yeah, this is good. You’re doing good. And then that’s important to me, because I’m really just doing it for her doing it for them, you know? So yeah,

LaWann Moses 17:26
Yes, definitely. So we talked earlier about you be a plus size beauty enthusiasts, would you like to tell us more about that and what you are doing with that?

Marteekah 17:38
Yes. Okay. So, so at first I said, Maybe I’ll just be an influencer. Right? The input. When I first thought of this, the word influencer hadn’t come to fruition yet. This was maybe like 10 years ago, and I was, I’ve always been the biggest girl in the group of my friends. Always. It didn’t matter like If even if I had, like other plus friends, I was still the biggest of the group. So but I didn’t dress conventional plus size way, you know, and back in the days it was everything had like an elastic waist. Yeah. You know, the crease like pants had a crease down the middle for no reason. Um, you know, the shirts, it was just everything that was plus size was for a more mature woman. I’ll just put it that way, right. So I would find different ways to dress. And that meant that I was going into like a straight size store and finding the thing with the most lycra in it. And like making an outfit out of it or finding like an oversized something, and making an outfit out of it. So I was always like, even though I was the plus size girl in the group, I was always the one that I felt like was the most fashionable. Right, or I guess people didn’t expect me to be as fashionable because I was plus sized. But for me, like, that wasn’t a barrier. I loved fashion. And I wanted, you know, to do something with that. So 10 years ago, I thought, you know, I should take pictures and like, put them online, but then that kind of like faded and I just continued to go to a different path, which is what the audience might not know is I’m also a singer. So, yeah, I’m a classically trained singer. So I decided to go down down that path

LaWann Moses 19:31
You are very talented. I’m loving all of this.

Marteekah 19:35
I try not to tell no one because you know, there’ll be like, Oh, you know, thing for me? And I’m like, Oh, no,

LaWann Moses 19:40
I won’t make you sing today.

Marteekah 19:42
Thank you. So I decided to kind of go down that path. And I guess I didn’t at the moment when my mindset didn’t really see how I could do everything. So I didn’t quite fall into place. But then 10 years later, I was like that. I started To see like all the influencers and like things really started to kick up, especially in the plus size community. So we had people like Varner style and SEO Lissa and you know, like these now major plus sized influencers that were really like, gaining momentum in the social media world. So I said, you know, this is something that I’ve been wanting to do and I’m kind of tired of being so afraid I was tired of kind of like, denying myself things that I wanted to do because I was too afraid that they were going to fail.

So I just took the leap. My partner, my current partner bought me like a camera for my birthday, like three years ago, and I started filming beauty tutorials because I am. I also love makeup. And I’m like, I can totally do this. I can be the next nikkitutorials like I can do this. I know I can do this, right? So, yes, I sat down and I started filming videos. And then literally like three months into starting to film, I got pregnant with my second child. And I didn’t know what was wrong with me, like I just all of a sudden didn’t have, like the gumption or the the want or need to do anything anymore. And it was because probably I was like super moody and hormonal.

And so I then I dropped it the whole time that I was pregnant, because now I had like a totally different focus. I’m like, you know, I can’t just do this hobby now. Like, I really do need to work, work, work, work work. So I was like working two jobs and I was pregnant. And then after I gave birth, I said, No, like, I really do need to make something of this and I think you have a real chance to make something of this. So I decided to pick it back up again after she was born in 2017.

LaWann Moses 21:55
It’s amazing how life happens and those unexpected surprises can just Take us on adventures, but then at the end of the day, we just can’t get away from that calling. And that’s one thing, like no matter how we run from it, no matter how many different paths we try to take, as you said before, and God has something for your life, it’s like we can’t get away from it. So you started 10 years ago and your past were all round, up and down. You tried to do what you wanted to do with a Mac, it was still that calling up. This is what I meant to do. This is what I have to do. And I just think it’s so important when we finally get to that point that we can tune in and listen, and then have as you said, take the leap. And I think that’s such a powerful word because so many people don’t take that leap even if it’s not like the major leap to where quitting a nine to five and going all in or however the situation works out. Just taking some step, taking some week towards your dream, because if you take baby steps day by day, then eventually you’ll get where you want to be. And you can look back a year from now and say, Hey, remember what I wanted to be where I am today. I think exactly Oh, important. So what has been the most I think, got?

Marteekah 23:07
Oh, I was I was gonna say like, I think in our society also, and like maybe the generation that we come from dreams are like something that you just have when you sleep, you know, it’s not necessarily something that you try to actually make come to fruition. So but now it’s and then this is when I say like I’m more like a millennial than I am whatever other generation that is before millennials in that Generation X right? So I, I want to say like I’m Generation X, but it in it in the frame of mind of you can make anything happen. I feel like we’re I’m more like a millennial. So yeah, like back then dreams are like no, like, we don’t have time for dreams.

We need to work. We need to get a job that has benefits, you know, a 401 that has, you know, The accoutrements that come with a good paying job you work for the city or the state like, right, that’s what you were supposed to have there for however many years and retire with a good pension and yeah, you know, and now I’m just like, and I think there was another point where I was like, well, that kind of didn’t work for me. So like, if that didn’t work for me, then I might as well just go for the alternative, which is just go for whatever it is that you think your dream is going to be. And I was ultimately like you said, I was kind of backed into a point where I had to do what I said I wanted to do a long time ago.

LaWann Moses 24:38
Right? I think that’s good. What has been the most rewarding part of your journey so far?

Marteekah 24:45
In terms of motherhood or in terms of my business,

LaWann Moses 24:51
whichever one whichever, okay, whichever. But all wrapped all all wrapped up in one. What’s the The most rewarding part of life at this point

Marteekah 25:03
Okay, so I think the most I was just talking to my friend about this yesterday. We were I was telling her like, when I was at work and while I do there were those like great moments working with children where you see that they get the, you know, they you connected with the child right? Or they get they got the literature, they got the math problem, they got the science problem. So, you know, there’s there those very bright moments. They were also very dark moments working with the kids, you know, very disrespectful. The disrespect was crazy. And I just couldn’t wrap my head around it so I would come home and be like, Oh my god, I don’t know if I could do this. I don’t know if I could do this anymore. This is ridiculous.

And you know, like, no one has your back the system doesn’t have your back like that. ministration so so I kept like saying to God, like I need something different. I need something different. And I think that eventually God was like, okay, you said you didn’t want to work that job anymore. Fine. We just will make it so that you can work the job, because I’m going to I was going to work the job no matter what, even if it made me miserable because it was money in my pocket, you know? So, I was like, okay, so God was like, I will just take the job from you. I said, this time around. I wanted it to be very different in terms of raising my child when I was 16. I had to go straight to work. I worked for Burger King, three months into my daughter being born, you know. So, and for the most part, what she remembers of me is that I was out of the house and there was a moment where she thought like, I just didn’t care about her. And I’m like, No, it’s not that I didn’t care. I was working. And I was working three jobs at one point, plus, I was getting an education like You know, so this time around, I said, I don’t, I don’t want it to be that way.

So I had, I had said, in an ideal situation, I would be able to stay home with my daughter on so she’s three years old when she goes into school. So long and behold, I’m doing this, you know, I’m able to build a business, be home and still like, I’m currently at the library again, this is like my home, where I can take her to go play and still work on my business. So yeah, so I feel like that in itself is like the most rewarding part that I can do both I can work on something that is because I’m not going to say may that is going to leave a legacy for my children. And I can still be a mom and do those things that moms do, you know, stay at home moms do.

LaWann Moses 27:49
So you’ve mentioned just going back briefly to where you were, when you had your, your, your older daughter, you were working, putting all that time in and so now you’re at a point where you’ve built that Kind of independence to where you can be home with your younger child. So does mom guilt come into play any way for you when you think about how you had to deal with raising your oldest daughter to your youngest child, and does that impact you in any way?

Marteekah 28:16
Yes. Oh, absolutely. I have mom guilt like every single day. I have mom guilt when I see both of my girls together, right? Because my oldest daughter is seeing me spend time with my youngest daughter, but she might be triggered by that like, Oh, well, well, she wasn’t there for me when I needed her to be there. And that caused major problems in our in our relationship and we’re now just starting to rebuild that relationship. And it’s really like a stop and go for us. So I can feel guilt there. I feel guilt when you know, like I need to stop and need to focus. Even if it’s 30 minutes or an hour on my work. I feel guilty because Cuz I want to focus on my work, right? I sometimes I miss just going all in just like losing myself for hours on end, or days at a time on a specific task. Because that’s, you know that because that’s what I want to do. And I have that freedom at some point. And now I don’t so I feel guilty for wanting to not be there with my child, you know? And then I feel guilty for taking time from her when I have to say things like, mommy can’t play right now. I’m not gonna sing that Baby Shark Song one more time today. Because I want to do you know, I want to look at my email, I want to look at that Facebook group that is, you know, laced with information. So yeah, I experience guilt every single day.

LaWann Moses 29:48
Right. And I think that’s something that we all will deal with. And we moms will continue to deal with right how old arcades get even when they’re grown on their own. However it is, I think it’s still something that on some level, will impact us. But I just also feel that there was such power in your story and power in the actions that you take to where even though you’re feeling this guilt, you’re taking advantage of the moments that you do have right now to rebuild your relationship with your oldest child to pour into your youngest child and just to make this all work together the best way that you know how, because I mean, I just I’ve always said to me, there’s no such thing as balance. It’s just finding a way to make everything work in harmony and get everyone is going along at a nice path. So I mean, I just think it’s important that to recognize that even as we both can talk that mom guilt is gonna always exist, but it’s not anything that should stop you from pursuing your dreams or going after what you want to go after. Because at the end of the day, you are a person you are a woman and you were that before you ever became someone from other parts.

Marteekah 30:53
Right, exactly. I feel like that, that’s the That’s literally what happens like you forget that you’re a person before you, your human being like so you’re a person, individual person before you were a mom, you know, your only responsibility when you’re two years old to see yourself before you had your child it was to yourself. And especially as a teenage Mom, I feel like sometimes I didn’t really have that opportunity to just fully have me time. You know, because since 16, I’ve technically been raising a child whether I was again, the best mom in the whole wide world. My time was split between me and everything that I wanted to do for myself, and another human being right. So yeah, you kind of lose the idea that you can pursue anything just for pure pleasure just because of yourself. Right?

LaWann Moses 31:49
And it doesn’t help with the messages that are out there from society and from everyone else and the judgment that comes whether you work went home, it’s just always some type of judgment. And it’s like all moms at the end of the day, whatever you’re doing is a working mom, even if you’re home, you’re working if you’re in the career field you’re working. So, I mean, I just think, and I like having these conversations because we’re switching up the narrative. We’re bringing moms to the front, like, Hey, we are people too. And we can do this motherhood thing and do anything that we want to do so

Marteekah 32:21

LaWann Moses 32:23
So as much as I would love to talk to you forever, I don’t want to keep you all.

If you could turn back time and talk to your 18 year old self, what do you think you would tell her?

Marteekah 32:35
Oh, man, so like, I’m trying to think of what I was doing at 18 and I think I was still just like, just trying to figure it out. I can’t even I couldn’t even tell you like what I what countless job I was working at the time where you know how that is like you’re like you go from one job to the other just trying to get the job that will get you that benefits. Right, right. Um, but I would say You know, I think I’m at the point where I don’t regret anything that happened. So I would say, just like just keep going, like don’t I would tell her not to invest so much time on the foolery, especially with the men.

Don’t, invest your time with the foolery with the men. Definitely continue to do the things that you were doing, like school education, working, surround yourself around positive people, for sure. And that at the end of the day, you’re going to be fine. You’re going to be just fine. You’re going to be more than fine. You’re going to be like amazing. That’s wonderful. What is one piece of advice you would give to a mom that may be listening right now and it’s struggling to find a Way to pursue her dreams while taking care of her family and other duties. Oh, man, like that was a tough one too, because I, you know, I’m still trying to find the balance myself, right? Like, I’m still just yesterday, I was like, Well, what apps? Can I use? I’m planting the trees.

Now, I don’t know if you know about that forest app, where you plant a tree, and then you become the more productive you are. Your tree grows, right? No, not that one is really good. It’s a really good app. So you know, I’m still trying to figure it out. But just know that any, I guess my advice would be anything that you choose to do. Is isn’t bad isn’t wrong isn’t like, Oh, I shouldn’t have done that. Or why can’t I do it better, like just congratulate yourself for doing for taking any step whatsoever. Any step if that means that you dedicated one minutes to yourself today, then That’s, that’s good. If you dedicate zero minutes yourself and all minutes to your children, then that’s fine too. Like, just don’t be so hard on yourself. You know, we’re mothers and yes, we have families to take care of, and we have business that we need to take care of. But you know, we have to just be kind, just just kinder to ourselves, because it’s just amazing that that what we can do, we brought life into this world, like, Girl, that’s enough. That’s enough. Like that’s literally enough.

LaWann Moses 35:30
I like that with being kinder to ourselves and taking care of ourselves and just being nice to ourselves. Yeah, just thank you, Marteekah, for joining us today, the More Than a Mother podcast and we will have a chance to chat again in the future.

Marteekah 35:46
Absolutely. I’ll come on here anytime, anytime, and share my hot mess.

LaWann Moses 35:51
Would you like to share with our audience where they can reach you?

Marteekah 35:55
Oh, absolutely. So my handle for all social media platforms. MuvMarteekah. And that’s on every single platform.

LaWann Moses 36:10
And we will be sure to link to that in the show notes. So it was lovely talking to you and thank you so much. Oh, you’re welcome. Thank you.

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