Season 2 is Here! Introducing Moms & Their Stories… Check Out What’s Coming!

Moms & Stories…Here’s What’s Coming!

Season 2 Trailer

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Season 1 we learned a lot about motherhood and freeing ourselves from mom guilt. Our guests shared their best advice and tips for surviving mom guilt. In this season, we are going deeper. Storytelling is a powerful tool and transformation occurs when we open up and share our stories with others.

This season on More Than A Mother we are diving into to the story behind the Mom. Coming up, we have mom bosses joining us to share journeys of transformation with us.

These moms are sharing their “AHA” moments, the pivotal moments that led them to start their businesses and be the mom and woman they are today.

From beauty enthusiasts and influencers to life coaches and business managers, these mom experts are sharing their stories with us.

You will also be hearing more of my story, as I dive deeper to the person behind the business and the person you know of today.

Here’s a preview of what of what our moms are saying on Season 2 of More Than A Mother:

Beauty Enthusiast/Influencer, Marteekah (5:18)- Instagram: @muvmarteekah

Nonprofit Founder/President, Sherise Holden (6:16)- Instagram: @sheriseholden

Certified Life Coach, Julie Leonard (8:21)- Instagram: @julieleonardcoaching

Business Launch Coach, Angel Lawery (9:38)- Facebook: @angellawery

Millennial Mom/Influencer, CJ Hicks (11:21)- Instagram: @mindset.queen

These ladies are dropping gems and this is just a preview. We have so many great mom bosses joining us next season!

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Season 2 Trailer Transcript

LaWann Moses 0:05
Hey, it’s LaWann Welcome back to the more than a mother podcast. Can you believe that we are already on season two. If you thought Season One was great. Just wait to see what we have in store for season two. We are going all the way up. In Season One, you got a glimpse of just some tidbits of advice that our moms had to offer. But coming up this season, we’re going to be talking to moms from all over the world. We’re going to go deep into them. Stories deep into their lives deep into everything they have going on, as they share with you how they are mothering and managing it all. from working moms to entrepreneurs to stay at home moms, and everything in between the mom bosses, the mom, experts that are joining me are not only doing great things, but they’re doing great in motherhood as well. And I’m just honored that they stopped by the more than a mother podcast to share their story with us. Now, one thing you’re going to find out about me if you didn’t already know, I believe in storytelling. 

There is such transformational power behind a story. You hear me say this a lot. And I’m saying once again, storytelling is transformational, and we become portals of empowerment. When we share our stories with others So the miles that I have coming up on this season are going back. They’re sharing their stories with us. They’re letting us know, not only where they are right now, but taking us back to where they started. Everyone’s journey is different. You will see there are some similarities in the journeys, some similarities and messages. But you will see that everyone’s path has been different to get to the point that they are today. We have the good, the bad, the indifferent, and just those light bulb clicking aha moments, I need to get myself together, girl, so let’s go. So I’m just excited for what is coming up on the more than a mother podcast season two. If you’re not already subscribed, be sure to hit that subscribe button so that you can be notified when we’re back with our first More to her story interview. These mom experts are here. And they’re sharing their stories with you. 

These stories are transformational, and they will encourage you to keep pushing Mama, push the motherhood, push towards your dreams, push towards your goals, and just slay everything that encounters your path. So hit that subscribe button so that you get a notification for when season two of the more than other podcast is live. But in the meantime, if you haven’t had a chance, go back and check out season one. We have some amazing episodes that happened in our first season from learning to ditch mom guilt, figuring out how to survive the hard times. Navigating motherhood when you’re ill. And then an incredible tribe of experts who stopped by to offer their best pieces of advice for Overcoming and surviving mom guilt. Mom guilt will forever be with us in some form or another. But these tips are here to help you just make it through another day. 

So while you’re waiting for the next season of more than a mother to drop, go check out our first season and all the great things that are in store. They connected with us by subscribing to the more than other podcast. You can also head over to the and become a part of our community where I share just some of my best tips, tools, advice, and great things that are coming from LaWann Moses as well as More Than A Mother. I’m so glad you’re here. I’m glad you stopped by. I can’t wait to talk to you next season. Until then, subscribe like rate, leave a review and check out our previous episodes. More than a mother show. We’ll be back soon and we’ll be back stronger, greater and better than ever. Until next time, keep pushing Mama. You’ve got this.

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