Why It’s Necessary to Own Your Shit & Take Accountability for Your Actions | Journey to Healing Series

Why It’s Necessary to Own Your Shit & Take Accountability for Your Actions | Journey to Healing Series

In this episode of the Journey to Healing Series, I dive deep into owning your sh!t. We explore the concept of taking personal responsibility for our own healing and the power that comes with owning our “sh!t”.

Show Notes

Today, I am sharing ways you can start to take control of your healing and take accountability for all of your actions. I discuss the benefits of taking responsibility for your thoughts, emotions, and actions and how it can help you reclaim your power, become more self-aware, and ultimately help you heal.

Whether you’re facing physical, emotional, spiritual, or relational challenges, this episode will inspire you to take ownership of your healing journey and tap into the incredible power of personal responsibility. So join me as we explore the journey to healing and discover the power of owning your sh!t.

***Trigger/Content warning- the information discussed in this video may involve topics that are difficult for some people to hear/discuss. I encourage you to take care of yourself and your well-being. This video is NOT advice or counseling. This is my personal healing journey and lessons learned.  Likewise, topics discussed in this video are NOT to be used in cases of severe trauma/victimization, domestic violence, intimate partner violence, sexual/physical abuse, & any other life-harming/threatening situation. Please seek professional help***

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Why It’s Necessary to Own Your Shit & Take Accountability for Your Actions | Journey to Healing Series

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