10 Of The Best Qualities All Virtual Assistants Need To Have

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10 Of The Best Qualities All Virtual Assistants Need To Have

The decision to hire a virtual assistant can be a big step for you and your business. Not all VA”s are the same, however, when considering hiring a VA there are certain characteristics you should ensure that your potential VA possesses.

Here is a list of the top then qualities you should look for when hiring a VA.

  1. Professional

Your VA should have a Facebook business page, website, or portfolio to display their work. While it is not necessary to have all of these things, a great VA should have at least one of the above to showcase its services and work.

2. Reliable

You want someone that you can count on to get the work completed and meet the required deadlines. You have enough on your plate that you don’t need to worry about whether your VA will finish their projects or not.

3. Honest

You want your VA to be honest wih you in all situations. You need someone who can tell you when something is working and when you may need to consider taking another route.

4. Efficient

You need someone on your team who is efficient, knows how to manage time, and is overall productive in their assignments. You do not want someone who wastes your time (or money). A quality VA needs to be organized and know how to get the job done efficiently.

5. Detail Oriented

Attention to detail is a must. Your VA needs to be tuned in and assure that the job gets done with little to no error at all.

6. Resourceful

You want a VA who is resourceful. The last thing you want is someone calling you every time a problem arises. Your VA needs to be a problem solver who brings you the solution to the problem before you even know a problem exists.

7. Driven

A quality VA commits to the work they do. They work hard, study their craft, and deliver results no matter how long it takes.

8. Flexible

You need a VA who is flexible and can adapt to change. You want someone who understands plans change, deadlines move, and launches get pushed back. A quality VA adjusts and moves along with you, with no problems at all.

9. Ability to prioritize tasks

Multitasking is a thing of the past. In reality, when you multitask, you pull your attention into so many different areas that often you leave many tasks incomplete. Instead of multitasking, you need a VA who can prioritize tasks based on need. You need a VA that can take the many tasks and prioritize them in order of completion to get the job done.

10. Good Communication Skills

This is a must and probably the top skill your VA needs to possess. Communication can make or break any relationship. Since your communications with your VA will be primarily done through phone, email, or video, it is important that you and your VA have open lines of communication in order to advance your business goals.

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I can’t guarantee that a VA matching the above will be a perfect match for you. However, chances are if you find a VA with the above qualities then you are off to a great start.

What other qualities do you think are important for a VA to have? Let me know in the comments.

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