About Mocha Masterpiece

I empower women to achieve personal and professionals goals by finding the balance between work, life, and family.

Welcome! My name is LaWann and I am the voice behind MOcha Masterpiece. I am an empowerment strategist, mentor, and consultant from Delaware who loves God, coffee,  and my family. I enjoy spending helping others and making memories with my loved ones. I have a passion for inspiring, encouraging, and empowering women to achieve their personal and professional goals by finding a balance between work, life, and family.

Mocha Masterpiece is my blog, my baby, where I inspire and encourage women daily to make self-care a priority while reaching towards their personal and professional goals. Too often, we live our lives according to others standards and expectations, often neglecting our own dreams and wishes. We let others tell us what we can and cannot do, what we can and cannot achieve, often times settling for a life of “less-than” because let someone else dictate our future. We listen to what society says, to what others say and constantly feel like we cannot reach our goals or achieve certain accomplishments. The reality is, we can do anything! The only true limitations are the ones we place on ourselves.

We all have unique gems inside of us waiting to be uncovered and unmasked. We have unique gifts and talents and it is up to us to activate them. Some of us discover our gifts easily while others have to dig deep to find them. We all have a purpose and it is up to us to walk in our purpose. Furthermore, I believe love is the greatest gift you can give to yourself and others.

My first book, Rising Above Statistics: Success Against All Odds, tells my story of conquering obstacles and reaching success. This book is full of inspiration, motivation, strategies, and exercises to not only empower you but help you create your own unique life plan. This book gives you the formula and knowledge I used to reach my success. To learn more about my book, click here or visit my shop.

In addition to MOcha Masterpiece,  I am the founder of Eye Love Me, a self-love movement inspiring women to make self-care a priority. More info on Eye Love Me, coming soon!

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