How to Bounce Back From a Mommy Meltdown & Show Up as Your Best Self | Ep. 99

I am excited to have this conversation with you today. Let’s face it, all moms lose our sh!t at one point or another. It’s not something we like to talk about. It’s a topic many avoid, however just because we avoid it doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. 

Show Notes

There are no perfect moms and it’s time to stop acting that way. The more we peel back the layers and talk about the feelings, emotions, and experiences of the woman behind the mom, the more we will empower moms.

In this episode, I am getting candid about my latest mommy meltdown, how ridiculous it was, and what I learned while going through it. I am sharing the role self-regulation and self-awareness play in mommy meltdowns. I am also sharing how important self-care is in preventing and minimizing meltdowns

As I share my story on this episode, it is my hope that you will work through the story with me and see how I am learning to regulate my emotions, prioritize self-care, and remain aware as I am going through tough mom moments. 

Mentioned in this episode

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