Educating and Empowering Your Children Through Reading w/ Christine Mapondera | Ep. 96

I absolutely love reading. There is so much to learn when you pick up a book. My guest today, Christine Mapondera is an author and publisher who is bringing the stories of Africa and African diaspora to life through her children’s books

Show Notes

Recognizing a need for children (and adults) to learn about Africa, Christine took things into her own hands and started creating stories and inviting us all into Makanaka’s world. What started as publishing children’s books has now grown into a publishing company, Global Kidz House, and now a magazine. 

In this episode, Christine shares with us:

  • how her life experience and immigrant perspective inspired her to write children’s books
  • how she is elevating and celebrating the diversity of Africa and the African diaspora through children’s books
  • how mindset plays a role in everything that we do

About Christine

Christine Mapondera-Talley is a wife, mom, and entrepreneur. She is the of Global Kidz House where she publishes children’s books and soon a magazine all centered around around elevating and celebrating Africa and the African diaspora. She is also co-founder of KidLit Nation, a non-profit organization providing education and opportunities for children’s writers and illustrators of color including webinars, mentorships, scholarship opportunities, and more.

Connect with Christine

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