Why You Need to Give Yourself More Credit w/ Nichole Crites | Ep. 41

Nichole is a business executive who transitioned into leadership coaching because of her desire to help companies and individuals cultivate the ability to build effective teams.

Show Notes

With over 15 years of experience in healthcare administration, physician marketing, strategic planning, human resources, and revenue cycle management, Nichole has an entire toolkit of tactics that prove effective in structuring successful management programs. Her first-hand experience in the field provides a unique perspective, which she readily shares with her clients.

Today, I talked with Nichole about her journey to owning her own healthcare consulting business. Nichole shares her story as a teen mom who started as an office reception and worked her way up to Chief of Operations for a healthcare practice which eventually led her to venture off into entrepreneurship 

Notes from this episode:

  • You are often your own worst critic
  • Importance of lowering your unrealistic standards and expectations
  • how to give yourself some grace
  • Overcoming survival mode to truly see your success
  • the power in letting your children “fail”

Connect with Nichole

You can connect with Nichole online at www.erisedms.com or www.nicholecrites.com.

From this episode

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