How Finding Peace and Freedom Helps You Master Your Time and Life w/ Kellie Hoover and Blair Critch

Kellie Hoover and Blair Critch are two amazing women who joined together to form the Blessed Momma Bosses Community. Seeing a need among women for tips and strategies to achieve success, these two ladies formed their private group to meet this need and others. Blair and Kellie coach women to help them build online strategies to reach success without sacrificing their family.

Show Notes

In this episode, you learn:

  • the powerful stories that brought these ladies to where they are today
  • the importance of tunnel vision on your journey to achieve your goals
  • how peace and freedom play a big part in your life journey
  • what to do when mom guilt and the opinions of others creep up on you
  • why you must start time blocking and mastering your calendar in order to achieve success

Connect with Kellie and Blair

You can connect with Kellie and Blair in their Facebook group: Blessed Momma Bosses to learn more about their services and offers, including how to join their Inner Circle Membership.
Kellie Hoover   Blair Critch

From this episode

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