How To Let Go of Traditions, Break Norms, and Live an Authentic Lifew/ Cori Asuncion

Cori Asuncion is the Creator and Host of That’s Not Proper podcast. The podcasts that breaks the norms and traditions on everything from parenting and relationships to sex and female empowerment. 

Show Notes

Cori is a stay-at-home mom of 7 kids and a caretaker who is truly living life outside of the norm. Cori came to a certain place in her life where living by traditions and sticking to norms left her feeling completely unfulfilled and she embarked on a personal development journey which led her to living an “improper” life.

In this episode, we learn:

  • The importance of defining and living life on your own terms
  • How the perfection we strive for does not exist
  • The difference between homeschooling and traditional schooling and why we should consider “unschooling” our children
  • The power in rest and pause
  • How we need to stop avoiding and start having the uncomfortable and difficult conversations. 


Connect with Cori

You can connect with Cori on her websiteInstagramand her podcastThat’s Not Proper!o.

From this episode

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