How to Use Encouragement & Education to Empower Yourself as a Mom w/Shannika Mothersill

It is hard being a mom, especially a single mom. Everything falls in your lap. You are there 24/7 for your kids and you rarely get any breaks. Every bump, bruise, and boo-boo falls in your lap. It is up to you to help your children through every major life event and celebrate each milestone. As much as you love your children, sometimes you may feel like “this isn’t fair”.

Show Notes

No one plans to be a single mom, yet it happens over and over again. My guest today, Shannika Mothersill is very familiar with what happens when the best-laid plans don’t go as you thought they would. In this episode, Shannika is very candid about her single motherhood experiences, the challenges she faced, and how she overcome them.

Shannika shares:

  • how to not feel bad or guilty for being a single mom
  • how sometimes life requires you to take risks
  • how to overcome the negative perceptions and stigmas of being a single mom
  • how encouragement + education equals empowerment
  • why you have to trust the process, walk by faith, and let God lead the way

About Shannika

Founder of The Transformation Woman born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. Shannika graduated college as a first-generation college student and worked to live a lifestyle that her parents did not have the opportunity to live.  

As a young professional, Shannika learned to understand that failure is not the opposite of success but is a part of it. After obtaining her Master’s in Education, Shannika gave birth to a beautiful baby boy that opened her eyes even more to how strong women are. It is her journey to motherhood that propelled Shannika to transform and reach her highest heights. Her journey became an inspiration to others and the start of something magical: The Transformation Woman.

As a single parent, she discovered that it takes a strong, fearless, and faithful woman to press through any adversity. More importantly, she believes that someone can not overcome anything without the encouragement, education, and empowerment of others or faith! Being her own motivator and encourager, Shannika transformed herself into a powerhouse woman. Full-time mom, educator, administrator, and coach.

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