How to Create a Healthy Mindset First so You Can Transform Your Life w/Dr. Lauren Duroy (PodcastMas Day 3)

This episode here is all about finding balance, time, and decreasing stress as a mom. While this episode is for all moms, it is specifically for all the moms in medicine. The past two years have been hard on all moms, but our moms in health care faced unique challenges.

Show Notes

Thrust into a pandemic, having to work 60+ hours per week while managing family and life, my guest today Dr. Lauren Duroy knows firsthand the struggle of being a mom in medicine.

Using her own experience, Dr. Lauren knew that she couldn’t keep living life as she was and she had to do things differently. This led her to start her own business to help other moms in medicine manage their life and stress with such a demanding career. 

Today, Dr. Lauren is sharing some of her best life management and health tips. In this episode, she shares:

  • how a healthy mind is the first step towards a healthy lifestyle
  • how moms in medicine can better manage their time and life
  • what it means to be a time hack warrior and super learner

About Lauren

Lauren is a Family DocNP, Certified Life & Neuro-Linguistic Coach. Boy Mom, wife, & author of “Living Between the Lines.”

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