How Busy Moms Can Naturally Manage Stress and Improve Your Nutrition w/ Dr. Angela Potter

Stress, stress, & more stress… it is everywhere and it’s so easy to let it get to you. What tends to suffer when we are under stress? Our nutrition, that’s right.

Think about it… when you are under stress how many times do you grab an unhealthy snack meal or skip meals altogether?

Show Notes

Believe it or not, hormone balance and nutrient deficiencies play a big role in work/life balance and stress. However, not many people consider the part that nutrition plays in overall health and stress responses in the body. 

Today, I am joined by Dr. Angela Potter, a holistic doctor in women’s health. Dr. Potter joined me today to discuss natural remedies for stress, the importance of nutrition, and how many of the mainstream things we know about health and wellness may not exactly be accurate. 

In this episode, Dr. Potter shares: 

  • the importance of nourishment for new moms
  • the biggest struggles moms experience when they return to work after maternity leave
  • natural solutions for stress management
  • how our nutrition gets lost in our busy lives and what we can do to feel balanced and strong
  • why it is necessary to reclaim your health and energy

About Dr. Angela Potter

Dr. Potter is a leading holistic doctor in women’s health. After the birth of her first baby she came face-to-face with the hardships mothers frequently experience after giving birth. She was amazed at how little health support is given to mothers, particularly in their work/life balance. From there she began specializing in helping busy moms find alive and vibrant healthy living.

Dr. Potter has been interviewed for She is a nutritionist as well as a doctor. Her office is located in Portland, Oregon where she lives with her husband and two toddlers. 

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how to manage stress and improve nutrition

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