How To Cope When Life Triggers Mom Guilt

Why are we so hard on ourselves, mamas?  We are our own worst critics at times. Why is that?

Show Notes

I’ve said it once and I will say it again, mom guilt is a lie! It is the false messages that we as moms tell ourselves and somehow believe that we are failing at this thing called motherhood. 

However, just because I know it’s a lie and I have strategies to overcome it, doesn’t mean I still do not fall victim to mom guilt at times. 

Now is one of those times. 

In this episode I share:

  • how my chronic illness (multiple sclerosis) triggered my mom guilt
  • why self-care is no longer a priority
  • the reason I am done apologizing and making excuses
  • why it’s important to take ownership over your life and focus on the things you love and enjoy

This episode is one of my most transparent episodes to date. I am sharing exactly how I am feeling and things I’ve struggled with lately.

I hope by sharing my experiences and how I am coping that I empower you to own your situation, feel the feels, but bounce back and jump back in when you are ready. 

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