Real Moms Share How To Overcome Mom Guilt (Part 3) | Ep. 11

Our series continues with more Mom Experts stopping by to share their best advice. This series has been so enriching and touching the lives of so many moms around the world! Take a listen to what our moms have to say about surviving mom guilt.

Episode 11

Show Notes

On the show today, we have:

Ellie Redcloud- 1:07
Redcloud Strategic Business Consulting
LinkedIn   Instagram- @rsbcolorado
“You’re a mom and you know what’s best for your kids. Every action you take is benefiting your kids.”

Niesha Walker- 3:36
Instagram: @thefearlessmommy
“Realize that you come first. In order to take care of everyone else you have to take care of yourself first.”

Bridget Bray- 4:45
Instragram: @BridgetBray_Coaching
“You are a person and you deserve to be happy”

Ahuva Hershkop- 6:06
Instagram: @ahuvard
Facebook: Busy Moms Guide to Feeding Your Family
“Don’t feel guilty about meal times and not being able to make everything from scratch”

Danielle Harris Davis- 7:15
Instagram: @moneyinmatrimony
“Grant yourself some grace. You are doing the best you can.”

Dr Stephanie Young Moss- 8:29
Instagram: @drstephanieyomo
“Know that your family needs you as a whole being first.” 

Virginia Elder- 10:01
Instagram: @happyhealthyabundance
“Realize that no matter what you think your kids love you and you are their world.”

Krystal Clark-12:16
Instagram: @KrystalClarkCreative
“Take inventory. You are doing everything for your kids so there’s nothing to feel guilty about.

Thank you to all moms who stopped by to contribute to this series. Your advice is really helping a lot of moms battle mom guilt. We’ll be back soon with more mom experts sharing great advice!

Episode 11 Transcript

LaWann Moses 0:00
Hey there, welcome back to the more than a mother show. This is your host LaWann Moses and I’m so glad to be here with you again today. As we wrap up our series on mom guilt, I am bringing to you a few more mothers that just wanted to share their number one piece of advice and their best tips on surviving mom guilt. We have everything from stay at home moms, to entrepreneurs to moms that are just out here getting it. Let’s take a listen to what these moms had to say. Were their best tips on surviving mom guilt.

Today we have Ellie RedCloud from Colorado Springs, Colorado. owner and operator of RedCloud Strategic Business Consulting. Let’s hear what Ellie had to say. What’s her number one tip for surviving and overcoming mom guilt.

Ellie RedCloud 1:27
Hello, my name is Ellie RedCloud and I am in located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I am a mother of five is children ranging in age from 13 to four years old. And one my one piece of advice for getting over mom guilt in men. I have had it so bad, but my one piece of advice for getting over mom guilt is to trust yourself. And when I say trust yourself, what I mean is that you’re A month you are a mother first, before anything else, you’ve carried this shoulder for nine months, or if you didn’t, if you’ve adopted them, whatever the case may be, you’re a mother, and you know what’s best for them, you have your best interests, their best interest at heart, you know that you are never going to do anything to put your children in any type of danger to hurt your children in any way, or to cause them any type of detriment or harm that you’re not going to do that by virtue of simply being a mother. We have something that is internally built into us that makes us automatically protective of our children. So trust, that trust that shows that you’re going to this networking event across the country trust that you having to miss a one ball game because you have something you have to attend trust that you having to stay up late at night is not being detrimental to your children because nine times out of 10 no take it back 10 times out of 10 as mothers when we are doing this, we are building this it is to create a better life for our children to create a legacy for them, that they can be proud of something that they can grow on and have and so trust yourself when you’re doing something, you know you’re not being detrimental to your children because you’re their mother. So trust that always trust that. All right, that’s it. Bye

LaWann Moses 3:12
Wow Ellie, thank you for stopping by and sharing that powerful and great piece of advice with us. I really appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to drop by and leave a message for our audience. Joining us next is Miss Niesha Walker the fearless mommy herself. Let’s hear a Niesha had to say it’s her number one piece of advice for overcoming mom guilt.

Niesha Walker 3:42
My name is Niesha Walker. I am from Cincinnati, Ohio but I currently live in Marietta, Georgia. And I would say the number one thing for me overcoming mom guilt was just coming to the realization that I come first And and that I mean, in order for me to take care of everyone else, I had to learn the importance of taking care of myself first. So, um, you know, sometimes it’s easier said than done. It definitely takes baby steps and that’s kind of what I did. But for any mom out there I would say struggling with mom guilt. Just think about it in the sense of, you know, if you were sick, who’s gonna take care of the kids? Ultimately, it’s the mom. So in that case, you have to do for you before you can do for anybody else.

LaWann Moses 4:38
Thank you Niesha for that wonderful piece of advice. Next up, we’re traveling to Georgia to hear from Miss Bridget Bray, a Bridget Bray consulting. Bridget is offering up her number one piece of advice on overcoming mom guilt. Let’s take a listen to what she had to say.

Bridget Bray 5:00
Hi, I’m Bridget Bray. I am from Georgia. And I would have to say my number one piece of advice for overcoming mommy guilt is just realizing that I am a person I was a person before I came, became a mother. And I still deserve to be happy. So I take that in heat and making sure that I give myself my mommy time. I make sure that I take care of me because of course, I can’t take care of anybody else if I’m not in a place where I can take care of myself. And we all want the best for our kids. And the best way to do that is to make sure that we can give them what they need by making sure that we are who we need to be. So just make sure you you know, take care of yourself. And remember you are a person you’re not just a mom, you are a woman. So take care of yourself out there ladies.

LaWann Moses 5:59
Thank you Bridget for that great piece of advice. Up next, we have Ahuva Hershkop from Canada. Let’s take a listen to what Ahuva has to say.

Ahuva Hershkop 6:14
I’m a dietitian who supports parents in reducing the overwhelm when it comes to feeding their families. So my you know, one piece of advice for parents is not to feel like you need to make everything at home everything from scratch for it to be a balanced meal for your family. There’s lots of ways that we can work together with convenience items or with items from the grocery store to create a balanced meal because often, parents feel like the only way that they can feed their families a healthful meal is to begin completely from scratch. My Instagram handle is at Ahuvarad, which stands for registered dietitian, so you can feel free to check that out there more. And I also have a free community of moms on Facebook. It’s called the busy Mom’s guide to feeding your family.

LaWann Moses 7:03
Thank you Ahuva for stopping by and sharing that great advice with us. We’ll be sure to stop by Facebook so we can check out those meal plans and those things that you have for all of us busy moms. Next, we have Danielle Harris Davis, all the way from Houston, Texas. Danielle is a new mom, but she stopped by to offer some advice on how she is dealing with overcoming mom guilt. Let’s take a listen to what Danielle had to say.

Danielle Davis 7:36
I’m originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, but I currently reside in Houston, Texas. As a new mom, one piece of advice I like to give others to help overcome mom guilt is to simply grant yourself some grace. I’m still working on this myself. However, I figured out that when I just take a step back and acknowledge that I’m doing the very best that I can. The amount of guilt I feel about all things related to my baby just seems to diminish. So grant yourself some grace.

LaWann Moses 8:14
Thank you Danielle for that great piece of advice and I hope you are enjoying your brand new baby. Next up, we have Dr. Stephanie Young Moss. Let’s take a listen to Dr. Stephanie had to say.

Dr. Stephanie Young Moss 8:30
Hi, this is Dr. Stephanie Young Moss. And one way I like to make sure that I overcome mommy guilt is to know that my family needs me first. They need me as a whole being and they want to make sure that I am right mentally and physically. Because if I’m not, I can’t take care of my family. So I make sure that take care of myself with it. It’s my mental health, my physical health and also by practicing self care. That way I can be 100% for my family and taking care of their needs. If my needs aren’t met first, then my family cannot be taken care of, or at the best of my ability.

LaWann Moses 9:11
Thank you, Dr. Stephanie, for that wonderful advice. If you haven’t had a chance, I suggest you check out Dr. Stephanie over on Instagram. As she gets some of the best health and wellness tips that you can find is helping us all just get ourselves together and get our health right. Thank you again, Dr. Stephanie, for joining us.

All this advice we are receiving has just been great so far. I hope you’re getting as much out of this as I am. The moms that are just joining us and stopping by and giving these great and wonderful words of advice versus encouragement. Words of Wisdom has just done so much to me throughout this whole series. Next, we’re going back to Texas to hear from Miss Virginia. Let’s hear what Virginia had to say. Her best piece of advice for overcoming mom guilt.

Virginia 10:05
Hi LaWann this is Virginia, I am in Plano, Texas. And one piece of advice that I have for moms facing mom guilt are trying to overcome guilt. Because let’s just be honest, we all have it, we all suffer through it. The advice I would like to offer is to just recognize that no matter how often you are or aren’t there, or feel that you did or didn’t make the right connection or read the right book, at bedtime, or whatever it is that you’re feeling guilty about. Look at the love in your kids eyes when they look up at you. Realize that no matter what you think, or how good of a job you think you’re doing Not your judgment upon yourself, your child is not judging you. At this point in their lives, you are their everything they look at you with the most admiration and love and dependency that they will ever have on anyone you are their world. And so, regardless of what you think, or what kind of comparison game you are playing in your own head, realize that that’s in your own head, and that it’s okay and that no matter what your child loves you they don’t know any different. They don’t know that the mom next door is doing a better job than you or whatever. So take a look at your child’s eyes when they look up at you and see that sparkle and see that love and recognize it and reflect it back to them.

LaWann Moses 12:00
Thank you Virginia for sharing that awesome piece of advice with us. You can catch Virginia over on Instagram at Happy Healthy Abundance. And I just encourage you to go check out her page and see all the greatness that lies within. Next up we have Miss Krystal Clark of Krystal Clark creative. I call Krystal the Dubsado queen. If you need to get your systems right you need to customer relations management system going one I recommend them silo because it is just the best. But then too you need to check out all the great things that Krystal has going on because she is truly the queen of Dubsado. Along with being the queen of Dubsado, she is also a mom. So let’s hear what Krystal had to share with us as her number one piece of advice for overcoming mom guilt.

Krystal Clark 12:56
The biggest tip that I can give for overcoming mom is to stop and take inventory, nine times out of 10. If you stop and take inventory and look at the things that you’re doing, and the time that you’re spending, you’ll quickly become put yourself in the realization that you’re doing everything for your kids and for your significant other and for your husband. And that’s actually we look at it, nothing to feel guilty about because you’re already doing the things that are contributing to the livelihood and health and benefit of your family. And then at that point, what you need to do is take inventory of how you’re taking care of yourself, and ask yourself, Am I giving myself the same care that I give everyone else because even though you feel guilty, you also have to take care of yourself too. And you have to take inventory because you’re already doing the things that it takes to take care of everyone else.

LaWann Moses 13:59
Thank you, Krystal for that dynamic advice I’ve given I recommend that you check out the Dubsado Queen herself. And if you want to learn more about the silo and how it can help you in your business, I will link to it in the show notes. Check it out, it will definitely help you streamline your processes and get your business flowing smoothly. Thanks again, Krystal.

We’re going to pause right here. I know I said we were wrapping up our mount guilt series. But these moms are just coming from all around the country all around the world just to share their best piece of advice. With all of us moms for overcoming mom guilt. We know that mom is such a universal problem that I just could not cut it off without getting in the message from the remaining mothers that have contributed to this amazing series. So we’ll be back soon, with more great moms that have advice to offer you for overcoming and surviving moms. Guilt as we know that mom guilt is ever evolving. It’s always an issue. But we are taking a stand saying mom guilt no more and we are fighting back. Moms are here to come after everything that we want, need and more. No longer does motherhood mean giving up on your dreams and goals because you have a family. We can be great mothers and pursue our dreams at the same time. So we’ll be back soon, with more moms sharing their best piece of advice on surviving mom guilt.

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