100 Episodes…Ayyyeeeee!!! What I’ve Learned About Podcasting So Far | Ep. 100

Ayyyyeeeeeeeeee, we made it to 100 episodes! I am so happy to reach this milestone with you! I can’t believe we are here already.

Show Notes

In this episode, I am sharing what I have learned about podcasting in this past year-and-a-half. I am sharing my top tips and strategies to help you get started and grow your podcast. As well as how you can make your podcasting process, including guest booking, much easier. 


Today is a celebration! Join me inside as I celebrate you. Don’t forget to enter the listener appreciation giveaway! Here’s a link to the post that tells you exactly what you need to do to enter: 100th Episode Listener Appreciation Giveaway 

Mentioned in this episode

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Episode 32: Unlocking the Power of Diversity Through Strong and Effective Allyship

Ep 3: Quick Tips to Help You Overcome Mom Guilt

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