Real Moms Share How To Overcome Mom Guilt (Part 2) | Ep. 10

Moms United = Community
Continuing our mom guilt series, we have 6 moms joining us this week to share their best advice for overcoming mom guilt.

Episode 10

Show Notes

Please welcome this week’s mom experts as they share with us their best advice to survive mom guilt!

1. Lisa from Toronto, Canada (1:48)
“All about mindset. Think about what you want to show to your kids and the example you are setting.”
Instagram: Lisainthecity
YouTube Reality Show (launches) February 27, 2020- Lisa in the City Show

2. Destiny Brown- New Jersey (3:31)
“Turn everyday actions into unique ways to bond with your kids.”

3. Ameka Coleman- Mississippi (4:50)
“Find your why. Know why you are doing what you are doing. Prioritize your time.”
Instagram: Ameka Coleman and Strands of Faith

4. Deeksha- India (7:10)
“You are a human being first. It’s okay to not be okay at times.”
Instagram: WonderfulWomen12

5. Brittany- New Orleans, Louisiana (8:50)
“Recognize that time away from your kids allow you to refill and recharge so you can be better to your kids.”
Instagram: OrdinarilyExtraordinaryMom

6. Toni-Ann- Jacksonville, Florida (11:08)
“Ask yourself: Will I regret this later?”
Instagram: RealHappyMom
Podcast: Real Happy Mom

Thank you moms for joining us. This series has been great so far and I am thankful for everyone that has participated thus far. Let’s stay connected. Visit to join my community.

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Episode 10 Transcript

LaWann Moses 0:02
Hey everybody, its LaWann, back with another show for you. I hope you enjoyed those mom experts that joined us last week to give us their words of encouragement and their number one piece of advice for surviving mom guilt.

I want you to know that I am just so excited of the community of moms that have just rallied around me that have just helped me bring this dream to fruition. I am so thankful for every mom that has contributed to this podcast, and then is going to continue to contribute in the future. I have some more moms coming up for you this week that are here to offer you. Their number one piece of advice for surviving mom. So let’s hear what these moms have to say.

First up this week we have Lisa from Lisa in the city. Lisa is from Toronto, Canada. And Matter of fact, she has a YouTube reality show called Lisa in the city that is launching a few days after this podcast airs. So I encourage you to check out Lisa in the city. So let’s hear what Lisa has to offer as her number one piece of advice for surviving mom guilt.

Lisa 1:47
Hi, I’m Lisa from Lisa in the city. I’m located in Toronto, Canada, aka this my number one piece of advice for overcoming mom guilt. This is all About mindset to be honest, I don’t really have lung built in, at least in the same way that a lot of women talk about it. And I think it’s because my perspective is different. For me, I think about what I want to showcase to my kids. And I want them to see a woman going for her dreams, both my daughter and my son. You know, I’d like I want them to see what it takes to give your idea or your dream, an actual chance to not be afraid and to never give up. And that if you really want something, you got to go for it and put in the hard work. So that you know, like whatever they choose for themselves in their lives. It’s not a surprise, the amount of work that you have to put into it. And I talked to them about all of this, and I think that’s the best gift I can give them. Aside from all of my love. You can find me on Instagram at Lisa in the city, or check out my new YouTube reality show which launches February 27, at Lisa in the city show over on YouTube, make sure you subscribe.

LaWann Moses 3:06
Thank you Lisa for that great piece of advice. I look forward to seeing what’s coming with your upcoming YouTube reality show. Next up, we have Destiny Brown, who you can find on Instagram at fulfilling my destiny. And she is joining us from New Jersey, here to offer her number one piece of advice. Take a listen to destiny.

Destiny Brown 3:31
Hi guys. My name is Destiny Brown, and I’m from New Jersey. And my number one piece of advice to surviving mom guilt is to turn everyday actions into unique ways to bond with your kids. So for example, me and my kids, you know, one of the things we were struggling with is time and kind of getting everything together. And once they started realizing that they loved back bombs, we started figuring out okay, how can we create our own we have now Making back bonds for a couple of months and actually have turned it into a business. But it’s really awesome because it’s a great way for us to connect and bond throughout the week and on the weekends outside of the normal bonding activities, and we will get to utilize a creative outlet to really express ourselves. So it’s amazing. So again, find unique ways to turn everyday things into bonding time.

LaWann Moses 4:28
Thank you Destiny for that wonderful piece of advice. Next up, we’re traveling down south to Mississippi, to hear from Ameka Coleman with Strands of Faith. Let’s hear what Ameka has to say is her number one piece of advice for surviving mom guilt.

Ameka Coleman 4:50
I name is Ameka Coleman and I am the founder and CEO of Strands of Faith a faith based here in beauty brand. I am a native of Jackson, Mississippi for raised and we currently reside in Mississippi. Now as well. My number one advice for overcoming mom guilt is, I would say, finding your why know why you’re doing what you’re doing and kind of make it in relation to how you can apply to your keys, how to benefit. I think that’s the number one way to overcome and for me, for example, to put things in perspective, I have three kids and I’m a wife and I’m running a startup brand so as you can imagine, my time I have to there’s really no such thing as balance. So I have to prioritize my time in the best way that I know how you for me prioritizing sometimes me me that Okay, I have to work on the business. This time of day I may have to you know, spend time with the kids this time of day. But all in all, at the end of the day, what is the overall goal and my overall goal for We’re building my businesses to be able to build a legacy for my kids. And so I know that my work is not in vain. And that what I’m doing now, I’m sowing the seeds so they later they can reap the harvest, you know, they can eat the fruit. And when I think about it this way, it allows me to easily overcome the mom killed situation because I know that what I am doing now is going to benefit them down a line. So number one advice is to find what you’re doing now is directly related to your keys in some way and where it’s going to be beneficial for them. And I think that is the surefire way to overcome mom. Cool.

LaWann Moses 6:44
Thank you, Ameka for that great advice. We’re going to take a trip around the world now. Going all the way to India. We’re going to hear from Deeksha who runs Wonderful Woman Let’s hear what we have to say from around the world all the way from India on how Deeksha survive mom guilt.

Deeksha 7:10
So ladies, one piece of advice that I would like to give you for surviving mom, is that consider yourself a human being first before you consider yourself more. Okay, two more times. It’s okay if you still a power nap, while letting your character emerge in their lives chiefs. In fact, it’s not just okay but absolutely essential to take care of yourself first, before you take care of your kids as a tired mama will not be able to raise happy and healthy girls. So please don’t feel guilty for spending some time for yourself. Got Your Back. You’re doing the best you can.

LaWann Moses 7:53
Thank You Deeksha for that wonderful piece of advice and I am just thankful for meeting you Online a few years ago when I was running my mocha masterpiece blog, and you so kindly wrote a guest post for me. And I am just thankful that we’ve been able to maintain that relationship and I was able to reach out to you so that you could contribute to this podcast and not only contribute to it, but share with some of your friends as well. So thank you, Deeksha. I really appreciate your input.

Next up, we’re back in the USA. Go into Nola to good own New Orleans to hear from Brittany. You can find Brittany on Instagram at Ordinarily Extraordinary Mom. Let’s hear what Brittany had to say is her number one piece of advice for surviving and overcoming mom guilt.

Brittany 8:50
Hi, my name is Brittany. I am from New Orleans, Louisiana. Number one piece of it for surviving mom guilt or like overcoming mom guilt or getting past, mom guilt is that recognizing that time away from your kids actually give your kids what you couldn’t give them otherwise. So like when I am with my friends or when I’m with my husband or when I’m just getting a cup of coffee alone, because I needed to have a peace of mind that allows or to have peace of mind that allows me just to put a little back into myself so that when I go back to my kids, I have a refresh point of view, a refreshed perspective, a clear mind and I can more enjoy the moments that we spend together because I have sewn back into myself.

LaWann Moses 9:58
Thank you Brittany. From Bringing us your advice all the way from New Orleans. I hope that you all are learned as much from these moms as I am. And I think that this just shows that mom guilt is such a universal problem, a universal issue, but we are a group of moms. And at this point in our lives, the moms are standing up and saying no more mom guilt. We are beating this thing. And I am just so thankful for all the moms that have contributed to this podcast so far. Lastly for this week, joining us all the way from Florida. We have Ms. Toni-Ann, on Instagram as Real Happy Mom. And she also has an amazing podcast that runs on the major platforms including Apple podcast called Real Happy Mom. And I encourage you to check her out and right now Let’s hear what Tony has to say to wrap up this week’s episode on surviving mom guilt.

Toni-Ann 11:08
And my name is Toni-Ann and I’m from Jacksonville, Florida. I know all about mommy guilt, but the way that I have overcome mommy guilt is to ask myself one simple question. Will I regret this later? Many times I say yes to things that I don’t really want to and have to stop myself and say, will I regret this later? Because if I say yes to this, and I have attitude about it later, then I probably need to say no. So this helps me with saying no to things and not feeling guilty about it later.

LaWann Moses 11:39
Thank you, Tony. And for that amazing contribution. I really appreciate you contributing to this podcast as well. Even in the midst of everything that you have going on, and all that you are building right now. I am so thankful to all the moms that joined this week. I am so thankful to everyone that has contributed so far and all that are coming in the upcoming weeks.

I encourage you to subscribe so that you don’t miss an episode so that you don’t miss one piece of mom guilt advice for we have so many great mothers that are going to be bringing you so many great things over the next few weeks few months. And this podcast is just going up from here. So I thank you all for listening. I thank you all for tuning in. Don’t forget to subscribe don’t forget to leave a rating and don’t forget to leave a review. And no i did not forget about our giveaway that is happening soon. But I want to give as many moms a chance to enter this giveaway for somebody is going to be walking away with some amazing prizes. So rate, leave a review. Make sure you leave a review so that you can be entered into the amazing giveaway that we have coming up. I thank you for listening. I thank you for joining me remember my mom Stay in the race, you can beat mom guilt, you can survive this, you are an overcomer. And guess what? You’ve got this. Until next time, this is the one with the more than a mother show, and we’ll talk to you later.

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