How to Practice Better Self-Care and Take Care of Yourself Now

Let’s face it, your mornings are hectic enough. So much to do and such little time. From the time you step foot out of bed, it’s rush, rush, rush to get everything in order and everyone out the door. Sometimes self-care takes a backseat. But why? Why do you put yourself at the bottom of your to-do list? What about your needs? What about your personal wellbeing?


You matter and it’s time you start acting like it!

For a long time self-care was a struggle for me. I was so caught up in caring for family, making sure my husband and kids had all they needed. I was involved in many ministries at church, keeping commitments with friends, doing extra things at work…. forget the bottom of my to-do list, I wasn’t even on my list at all.

Until one day, I became burnt out, stressed. And that caused a trickle-down effect. My kids were stressed. My household was in shambles. Everyone was just miserable. That was until I realized as the woman, wife, and mother I set the tone for the home. My household’s overall well-being was so dependent upon my mood and actions.

After this, I began my self-care journey. I took steps to regain control over my life, started saying no, and once again made myself a priority. The day I not only put myself back on my to-do list but made myself my #1 priority things slowly began to improve in my life and the life of my family.
Today I share with you 10 self-care tips to help you begin your self-care journey.

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1. Stop believing the lies

To start practicing self-care you must first learn the truth. Self-care is NOT selfish. Women are taught that it is selfish to make self a priority and satisfy our needs, but it’s not. Self-care is the best gift you can give to yourself and others. When you are whole and well in the mind, body, and spirit, the trickle-down effect breeds positivity and happiness among those closest to you. Self-care is a selfless act and far from selfish

2. Create a morning routine

How do you start your day? Do you immediately pick up your phone and check your notifications when you wake up? Those notifications can wait. In the morning, I wake up, pray, read my devotional, and then depending on the time I may check my notifications for any business updates or I start my morning ritual of showering, getting dressed, and getting my family going. Find something that works for you. I recommend connecting with your God or the universe first thing in the morning. This truly sets the tone for the rest of your day. Develop a morning routine.

In observation of Lent, I am currently reading “Draw the Circle” by Mark Batterson. Draw the Circle is a 40 Day Prayer Challenge. I have completed this devotional before and this time decided to do it in conjunction with Lent.  This book teaches you how to experience a deeper, more intimate prayer life.  This book tells true stories of how God moved in Mark Batterson’s life and ministry. He encourages you to circle everything in prayer, but not just any ordinary prayer, this book demonstrates what happens when bold faith and bold prayer meet. I definitely recommend adding this book to your morning ritual.

3. Say No

You cannot be everything to everybody. Trying to be involved in everything and do everything will quickly lead to burnout. Sometimes you just have to say no and mean it. For your own wellbeing, become comfortable saying no. And believe it or not, “no” is a complete sentence. Saying “no” without excuse, reasoning, or justification is self-care at it’s best. Learn to say ‘no”

4. Schedule “me” time

Put yourself on your to-do list. Schedule in time just for you. Everyone’s “me” time will look different. Some may want to take that long-awaited trip to the hair and/or nail salon while others may choose to relax and binge-watch their favorite TV shows. However you choose, make sure each week you have some time set aside for you.

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5. Stop people-pleasing

Stop trying to please people. You will never be happy if you are worried about what others think. Live your life for yourself.  You can’t be everything to everybody and that is okay. The sooner you realize that you cannot make everyone happy, the happier you will be as an individual. Focus on what you want and need. Make decisions based on your own desires. Stop trying to please people because you set yourself up for failure every time.

6. Stay in your lane

On the same line as people-pleasing, realize you cannot do everything. We all have gifts and talents. We all have specific jobs and duties. Stop worrying about what this person is doing and that person is doing. When you remained focused on your assignment and do your job, life flows a lot smoother. Stay in your lane.

7. Keep a gratitude journal

Instead of complaining every day, think about all the good in your life. Start a gratitude journal to help you focus on the positive things. Each day write down a few things you are thankful or grateful for. Believe me, when you change your perspective, your life changes. Start keeping a journal your way to better thoughts.

I have more journals than I can count. Each one serves a different purpose. I love colorful and energetic-looking journals. Amazon has a great collection of journals, or you can get one at your local store.

8. Take a shower

You may laugh, but something as simple as taking the time to shower is a self-care practice. You might get lost in the hustle and bustle of daily life and may forget to shower until later in the day. Or maybe you settle for a P.T.A. wash. What’s a P.T.A. wash? Think about it. Some may call it a birdbath but a P.T.A. wash is when you only take the time to wash your P, T, and A. LOL. I learned this term from one of my older relatives and it has stuck with me for years. Stop settling for P.T.A. washes. You deserve a shower. Get up, take the time to shower first thing in the morning, then start the rest of your day.

9. Recite positive affirmations

Similar to the gratitude journal, positive affirmations will help get you in the right frame of mind. Find some of your favorite daily affirmations and place them around your house. Use Post-it Notes on your bathroom mirror in the morning to remind you of how great you are.  I love Post-it Notes. You can use these sticky notes for so many things. Get you some Post-its today and fill your home with love.

You can set a reminder in your calendar app to alert you with a positive affirmation several times a day. Positivity in equals positivity out. Need help getting starting with some daily affirmations, head over to my products page and get your “Powerful Positive Affirmation” cards today!

Or if you prefer, you can check out the audio recordings of  Self-Love Healing Affirmations, Self-Love Affirmations, or Heart Affirmations for Self Love, Happiness, and Satisfaction in Life. Amazon has an extensive collection of positive affirmations. Find the one that is right for you and fill yourself with love and positivity every day.


10. Take a timeout

Disconnect from social media. Put your phone on do not disturb. It’s okay, really it is. You don’t have to be connected to your devices 24/7. Go for a drive. Find a room in your home where you can be alone. Whatever your method, take some time to be alone with your thoughts. Your mind will thank you. Learn to disconnect, even if just for a few moments.

These are just a few self-care ideas to help you get started on your self-care journey. I could go on and on with this list, but hopefully, I gave you enough to start taking better care of yourself right now.

Remember self–care is a process. You won’t break old habits overnight. Nor will you become a self-care guru in one day. Just start taking steps. Do a little more for yourself each day and before you know it self-care will become second nature.

As always, I love to hear your thoughts. Please comment with your favorite self-care strategy or tip. Let’s all help each other on our self-care journey. Self-care is self-love and when you love yourself, you are at your best.

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How to better practice self-care and take care of yourself now

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0 thoughts on “How to Practice Better Self-Care and Take Care of Yourself Now”

  1. Thank you for sharing these. I think it’s important for women to finally understand that self-care is not selfish. I think that many of us feel bad about taking some time for ourselves, because there is always something to do, some task to complete… Thank you for mentioning this. Pinned.

  2. Great post! I really feel that one doesn’t have much to give to others when one cannot even take care of him/herself! We have to put ourselves first and everything else will benefit from it. And a lot of us women feel guilty for taking a bit of time off, which is absolutely terrible! Thanks for the reminder to make time for ourselves!

  3. Great ideas! I schedule “me time” every morning. Ok, really it is “drink coffee and become human time”, but still…

  4. I love this all! I have gotten better and better at living with a schedule. Life has felt so unpredictable lately and it drives me crazy! Scheduling “me time” is absolutely genius and I want to form the habit of waking up earlier to start the day with devotions or prayer. I KNOW my day would go better if I did!

  5. Scheduling me time is soo important. A lot of the time I find it hard to pencil in time to have a day to myself without worrying about business.

  6. I am glad I finally had the time to read this. My lack of time is becoming a growing problem that I can see creating issues with my health and changes in my attitude. I need to administer self care sooner rather than later.

    1. Yes, LeShelle take care of yourself! All the business, the commitments, the people, etc. will be there AFTER you finish caring for yourself. Listen to your body and your mind. When it says “rest” than rest. The work can get done after you take a break. Hang in there! You got this!

  7. Number 3 and 5 really stood out to me because I had a few encounters this week with people I would regard as friends that made me think twice about how much I respected myself. I was willing to let certain things pass for the sake of people please and I was agreeing to do things for the same reason- I had to learn to say no and risk dispute but I’m happy I stood up for myself for once! Great post!
    Tisha x

  8. Great advice! I A way I like to take care of myself is through creativity, eating healthy comfort meals, watching comedy shows and sleep!


  9. I used to never think about me myself and I. Things changed and life is less stressful since I started taking care of me.

  10. Well written post! I agree with it all <3. For me one of the hardest, yet most beneficial things, was learning to say no…<3. I am trying to get around keeping a daily journal…we'll see…have a lovely day! Elly, xo

  11. parentalspace123

    Great article! Something I can really relate to. Scheduling me time is something I struggle with with two kids.

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